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Billfish charter fishing trip


Sea Teaser Sport Fishing offers Billfish fishing trips. See the Offshore section for rates.

What’s the best time of year for Billfish fishing?

Billfish Fishing in Virginia starts to heat up in June and peaks in August. September is still good but on the slide down.. It’s still decent in October if you want to take advantage of some cool Billfish fishing in the fall.. Book Now to secure your spot on Sea Teaser.

How do we bait for them?

Whole dead fish (ballyhoo, mullet, squid, strip baits, artificial lures…) as well as live baits and teasers.

Where do we find them?

Billfish are found offshore. Typically trolling and on occasion casting into bait balls where they are feeding.

Average size for Billfish

The billfish family has quite a range. From the big Blue Marlin averaging 150 – 400 pounds (but known to exceed 1000 pounds) down to the White Marlin averaging 40 – 60 pounds. The Atlantic Sailfish and Swordfish are also in the billfish family – all prevalent off the coast of Virginia Beach.

Ready to catch some Billfish?  Click Here for details on our Offshore fishing charters on Sea Teaser.